Monday, March 28, 2011


so, my favorite band of the moment is the naked and famous. if mgmt, passion pit, and (insert cool girl singer here) ____ had a baby, this band would be their baby. see for yrself.
this song is called punching in a dream.

you may notice a theme in this week's "mixtape," in that i seem to be digging heavily on the electro-pop scene. what can i say? i just wanna dance. and this music moves me. hope it moves you, too.
so, without further ado, my musical mix-mastery for the week:

faux fir - baggage claim

fm belfast - frequency

ratatat - neckbrace
mgmt - flash delirium 
yoko ono & john lennon- every man has a woman who loves him

talking heads- i feel it in my heart
al green- keep me crying
the gossip- are you that somebody (aaliyah cover)
yacht- psychic city

electrelane- cut and run
tobacco- fresh hex (feat. beck)

glass candy - beautific
discovery - can you discover?

* sidenote: for all us lucky milwaukee inhabitants, both ra ra riot & yacht will be rocking our fine city very soon (April 13th & May 6th)! both shows are under 15 bones @ turner hall, and are going to be awesome. so, obviously, you will want to be there!

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