Monday, March 21, 2011

a ham for hamm's.

i've never been called classy. well, i have. but, only sarcastically.
however, i have been called a beer snob, very sincerely. and, i would be the first to agree. maybe it's from working at a brewery for a few years, or living in portland, oregon - where delicious microbrews seem to grow on trees; or, maybe it's because as soon as a shitty beer hits my lips, my stomach winces. on the other hand, i love me a good ipa or hoppy red ale. gimme a gumball head or a fixed gear please, because i just can't drink shitty, cheap beer. well, save for one. there's a weakness in my heart for hamm's. it is the one and only low brow beer that my stomach can stomach. no joke.

so this is my ode to hamm's, an american classic, born in the land of sky blue waters, and bearing the words "made in milw, wi." yes, it's very much akin to drinking water, but, what shitty beer isn't? at least it's like drinking deliciously pure and refreshing water. also, it's cheap. never more than 13$ for a 30 pack. hard to beat that, eh?
on top of being tasty and easy on the wallet, i also love how it tends to accompany a shot of jame-o(h!) for around 5 bucks in just about every major u.s. city. just ask for the "hipster special"
yes, my snobby heart goes a flutter for a fancy beer; but, if i had to choose only one beer to drink for the rest of my life, i would choose hamm's.

i highly recommend getting yr daily dose of vitamin h to anyone reading this. well, maybe not recovering alcoholics or under(r)agers (now that my baby brother is reading this blog too).  but, the rest of you are fair game. can you hear that? i'm popping one open right now.
i told you i was a ham for hamm's.

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